Thank you letter from Children

Family Home Care Clubs •

Beit Yedidut Family Club
31 Hagolan Street
Ashqelon, Israel

Dear Family Care Home Donors,

We at the Beit Yedidut and Hadar Family Home Care Club want to truly thank you for your donation in helping us to create a place we can call home. Your generosity has given us the opportunity for a brighter future. Even the smallest donation feels huge to us, because we are given the chance to feel unconditional love in a wonderful atmosphere.

Thanks to the Beit Yedidut & Hadar Family Home Care Club, we have the chance to get help with homework, play with friends, and learn about current events in a comfortable setting. Without the Family Club, none of this would be possible. We have a great environment and enjoy dedicated teachers that devote their time and efforts to help and care for us.

Unfortunately, we still need many things. Our resources are very limited and we are forever grateful for any help that you can provide. We would love for you to visit and see the place that you have helped us make into a home. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for being the light of our future!

With Love,

The Kids from Beit Yedidut Family Club

*** Assisted by Lauren Zink a volunteer at the Family Care Homes from the U.S.A