Teacher Soldier "Hadar" Family Club - Recommendation Letter

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Recommendation Letter – Teacher Soldier "Hadar" Family Club 2009 – 1010
By: Aviel David, 27.11.2010

My name is Aviel, I'm 20 years old, from Petach Tikva, and I completed my army service three months ago. During my army service I served as a Soldier Teacher within the Family Clubs. Before I joined the army I had never heard of a Family Club, and I didn't know what they were for, and why they are so necessary and important. After serving in this line for two years I can confidently say with pride that serving in these Family Clubs is very important and it is also exceptionally satisfying!

In 2009 I was transferred from a Family Club in Diomona to Ashkelon, and I was fortunate to be placed in the "Hadar" Family Club. A Family Club which caters to the needs of 15 lovely children, and has a loving, supportive staff.

One year was enough time for me to perceive the world of the Family Club children, and how greatly important the existence of this Family Club is, and how much help and assistance they need.

The Family Club lives up to its name; it is one big loving family for the children who come from different backgrounds. The criterion for admittance to the Family Club is physical/ financial difficulties, dysfunctional parents or instability.

The Family Club provides a variety of enrichment activities, with emphasis on broadening the children's knowledge of their world, and enriching them, helping with their homework and school assignments, giving them a warm lunch and dinner, and it primarily constitutes a warm, supportive, loving framework which provides these children with a feeling of stability and confidence.

Over time I got to know the children better, some of them shared their feelings, fears, dreams and wishes with me and I enjoyed being a part of it and I was happy that I could play a part, however little, in helping them. I worked privately with five children at school helping them with their school work.

I saw how strong the children's desire for these private lessons was, and that was very satisfying, I felt that I could help them enjoy the school material a little more and I tried to advance them as much as I could, to encourage them and to show them that with a little courage and willpower they are capable of advancing and succeeding. Also, within my role, I was allowed to prepare activities for the Family Club children, I was supported greatly by the staff, which in turn made me risk trying to challenge them in different subjects. During the activities I enjoyed working together with the children and I enjoyed their encouragement.

I had an amazing experience and a very significant year, my service in the "Hadar" Family Club has affected me immensely, both personally and professionally.

At the end of the year I completed my army service, and thus ended my service at the Family Club, and even though I am not physically in the Family Club, I still often think about the children, ask about them and keep informed with what is going on with them.

Without a doubt the Family Club which I worked in, and the Family Clubs in Ashkelon in general, constitute a stable, loving, caring, nurturing place for the children in them.

Aviel David, Soldier Teacher 2009 – 2010