Hadar Family home (club) Ashkelon

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Hadar Family Club- General description of the program

Hadar Family home (club) is one of 8 family clubs operating in Ashkelon under the partnership and support of the Ashkelon Foundation and city. The family club was founded in 1983. The Hadar Family club is located in Atikot neighborhood on Efraim Sne road in Ashkelon. Daily 15 children participate on an ongoing basis, everyday after school, and receive a warm, caring, loving and supporting home until seven in the evening. All the children are recommended to take part in the home by the local welfare department and the belief of social workers that recommend the environment to improve the child's well being. The concept is to improve the childrens lives by segregating them from the negative home and family situation.

As of today a third of the children are Olim from Ethiopia, a third Olim from the former Soviet Union. Children which usually join the program stay until the end of the completion of grade 6, from grade 1. The presence in the Family home keeps the children out of trouble, off the streets, away from violence, drug usage, physical pain and parental misguidance. All the children's families are not just in extreme financial deficit, but contain domestic violence, drug usage, felonies, abuse, and a day-to-day survival climb.

The daily program includes: homework completion, preparation for exams, a hot lunch, self activity (Computer, reading, drawing), outdoor break, group program operated by the family club program manager, activity with volunteers or the home Mother, super. The family club also organized special events on holidays and children's birthdays. Furthermore, a summer program is operated during July consisting of special outdoor activities.

The Family club is operated by Galit Babei, that has been with home over 6 years, Galit has B.A in social science. Galit is in charge of the safety of children during the activities, and for developing the content and presenting it to the children. The home "Mother" is Tzvia Zaguri, who has been with the home for 15 years, she cocks two meals a day, cleans, assists with home work assignments, and provides love and care to the children. From time to time also provides activities for the children, such as baking. Currently the Ashkelon Foundation is trying to develop volunteer work with students and soldiers in town with the family clubs.

The family club maintains consistent communication with all the children's parents, including a house visit and tour of the child's room, parents day meetings, annual holiday parties, telephone conversations, and daily assurance of attendance, in addition to ongoing communication with the social workers.