The Jewish Eye (Movie) Festival with Keren Ashkelon - International Culture

Overview •

Dec 2010

The Jewish film festival – the Jewish Eye, ended with a festive closing event on October 20th, after nine days of screening quality films, and fascinating and exciting opening evenings with many artists, actors and guests from the city and beyond. 80 films were screened during the festival.

The festival's events attracted many residents, who enjoyed the festival's unique, quality films.
The opening night was held at the Cultural Center and the rest of the festival events were held at the Congress Center at the Ashkelon College.

This year the festival was held in the City for the fourth time, and there was an increase in the number of participants in the events.

Keren Ashkelon, together with the festival producers, are working to promote it, and have even approached Mr. Elie Wiesel, Nobel Laureate, one of the most prominent activists who works to preserve and strengthen the memory of the Holocaust, in order to recruit him to our project. Mr. Wiesel has promised to take part in the Jewish Eye activities in coming years, but he was unable to participate in this past event.

Keren Ashkelon helped the producers reach as wide an audience as possible, and to allow many residents to be exposed to the quality content of the film festival, and to enjoy the wonderful films. In cooperation with the youth movements which are active in the city, the members of the Tsofim, Bnei Akiva, the Shomer Hatzair Movement, and the Working Youth, viewed the festival films at special screenings and the festival films were screened for members of the City's Youth Council and school pupils, together with their teachers in their schools.

Currently, Keren Ashkelon's Management and the festival promoters are negotiating close collaborations. Keren Ashkelon would like to work together with the Ashkelon Municipality and the Jewish Eye promoters to make this into a well known cultural event, which will draw a large number of viewers from all over the city, and the country, and will encourage many artists to present their films in the festival which is held in the city of Ashkelon.