Make me a Combat Fighter

Overview •

The projects goal is to educate, empower and provide tools to the children aspiring to reach the top combat units of the IDF. The local program coordinator was a fighter in 669 (A Rescue & Seek unit), the leading educating factor is leading by example. The unique part of the program is the focus on Excellence Development, personal responsibility, and community responsibility as a citizen.

Students of Grades 11-12 have a bright future prior to their IDF recruitment. Providing a platform for a group of children, aged 16-18. The program has a cost per individual and it’s the Ashkelon Foundation’s goal to provide scholarship to youth at risk and from homes who can’t afford. All scholarships are in partnership and preapproved by the schools. Ashkelon Foundation is looking to provide at least 10 scholarships a year- a cost of 50,000 NIS.

The Objectives of the course:
- Improving the fitness level to the highest level
- Exposing the children to IDF content, guides, navigation and team work.
- Enhancement of Excellence aspirations, based on principals such as; trustworthy, time management, and dedication.
- Development of young leadership- providing thinking tools for the IDF and life.

Course components;

  • Twice a week- physical training
  • Special training in the field; navigational training, night training, survival training and mental preparation.
  • Development of a group and individual fitness program- to deal with physical, mental and group challenges
  • Guest Lectures, officers, and combat fighters- monthly
  • Organized trips to Army Bases
  • Special combat preparation days prior to IDF examinations
  • Participation in nationwide competition
  • Nutritional advise

The program participants will meet twice a week for two hours, as well as a monthly meeting discussing a topic. The program begun in 2012.


  • Stage A: First 3 months- building the foundation, fitness level, and group teamwork
  • Stage B: next two months- growth of fitness level and tension levels
  • Stage C: Focusing on IDF examinations, preparations
  • Final Stage: Completing a 10 month program, participating in end of year nationwide activities, Marathon run, Olympic “Make me a Combat Fighter”, Passover Seder and more…

“Make me a Combat Fighter”, had begun inspired by the story of Yoav Asa- a combat fighter trainer, who educated and prepared children for the IDF recruitment and during training two years ago got electrocuted and as a result suffered from high degree burns on his body. The doctors and hospital staff took care of him 24x7 for months in order to rehabilitate him, it was like a new birth, said his doctors and family.