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By: Dorit Amar, Guide, and Susan, House Mother – 29.11.2010

Dorit Amar – Guide – I have been working for Keren Ashkelon for two years, as the Guide at the "Friendship House" Family Club. After a long stay studying and working abroad, I have accumulated rich experience, developing educational and creative ideas in many fields which have been implemented to benefit the community. The hard work has borne fruit; we have detected special, dynamic needs which occur here and have adapted them to the children, by combining feedback and control processes, ongoing communication, and planning and development – a winning combination for the children's success.

Susan – the house mother – has been working in the Family Clubs for fifteen years, she has brought up generations of children, who in time have matured, become soldiers and successful adults, with their own families. She has a vast knowledge of the field, both in terms of education and culinary. The way in which she serves her food shows how important this is to her and how much she cares, and this, in turn, gives the children the a sense of self importance and self confidence, and in this way she reaches the children's hearts, who love her very much.

In our work with the children in the Family Clubs we are strengthened by the knowledge that with the correct tools, correct studying and lots of love, any child can succeed and have a better life.

A collection of skills which are acquired and learned help the children to identify new horizons, feelings, and limits. It is much easier for children who feel loved and who are accompanied by a sense of success, to deal with different crises – the end result is that the children are more adaptable, have better social skills, are better equipped to deal with frustration and stress, they are more mature, they are more capable to persevere with improved relationships, both within and outside of their families, they are less fearful and more happy – the real key to happiness will allow them to leave the cycle of poverty and lead a different life.

In our community, in our midst, a future generation is growing up, some of who have not been lucky enough to receive an embracive, supportive, promoting foundation , to grow and help develop the country. Each one of us has the power to help and encourage children in the community who have not been fortunate, and to turn them into a useful, positive part of the community and the Israeli society.

Potential projects for Family Clubs – plays, movies, museums, drawing, music, dance, and ...culture.

All of the above can enrich the children's worlds and to integrate them into other new worlds that are unfamiliar to them, and which might arouse within them the desire to reach these worlds. There is a huge gap between the achievements of students from different socio-economic statuses, often this stems from the fact that they are not encouraged by their immediate vicinity, and sometimes they do not have the incentive to overcome their difficulties.
This is a significant obstacle to social and professional development; exposure to different social subjects from the time develop as toddlers, as well as language skills and a vast general knowledge, will improve their knowledge of their world and broaden their imagination. Later, these comprise an entrance key to the world of higher education and the workplace.

Courses of action which we would appreciate receiving donations for:

  • Purchase of books and various aids (logic games, encyclopedias, and more).
  • Computers, including office equipment and appropriate media.
  • Equipment for the Family Clubs which will make it a pleasant place to be – air conditioner, study corners, television.
  • Accessibility to places of culture – movies, museums, theater, field trips, and more.

We would appreciate any help we can get, materials, financial, volunteers, ideas....

The Staff and Children of the "Friendship House" Family Club – Neve Dekelim, Ashkelon.