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Family Club Child Development at Neve Dekalim- Tzadoch Baruch

A new family club was opened on Thursday 29.5.08 at Neve Dekalim neighborhood, Ashkelon. The ceremony took place at the placement of the first brick, present at the event, the Mayor of Ashkelon, Mr. Ronni Matzeri, and the CEO of the Ashkelon Foundation, Meir Bohnik, Mrs. Miriam Hinrich, Mr. Zadok Baruch, the family members of the donors and local and overseas friends.

The Ashkelon Foundation operates 8 Family clubs in Asheklon. The "Zadoch Baroch Family Club" will be the ninth family club. The family clubs are a "warm house" for children of families that are registered with the town welfare department.

The new family club, "Zadoch Baroch Family Club", is named after the donors, Mrs. Heinrich brother that was injured during battle at the 1973 Yom Kippur war and is grounded to a wheel chair. The Ashkelon Foundation CEO, Meir Bohnik, said at the ceremony "Miriam has asked to donate to the city- the family club that is being developed through thanks to the funds of this contribution , will be a warm house for Olim children and citizens which need assistance. This is a real Tzadaka. Today we are proudly launching this ninth family club; the uniqueness of this building is that it has been designed as a family club up front. We plan to add an additional building to this location at an investment of 9 million shekels, a million and half of these funds are from Miriam donation. I would like to thank fully hearted in the name of the Ashkelon Foundation and the citizens of the city to the Heinrach family and generous contribution, also thanking the mayor and town council involvement and all volunteers- "all I have left is to wish much happiness, light and joy to the children at the family club."